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   ASIA , 1340

Birth Date: October, 1994
State: New Jersey

Asia is very loving and caring of those around her. She is energetic and animated. Asia loves to sing, dance and joke around, bringing laughter into her family’s life. She also enjoys reading books about urban legends and African American life topics. Asia always has time to do her hair, accessorize and look her best. she would enjoy spending time with younger siblings, in her new home, to help them look their best too! In 8th grade special education classes, Asia is an honor roll student. Her favorite subject is language arts as she loves to write stories. Asia prefers being in a structured learning environment where she can perform at her own pace, reducing her feelings of frustration in school. She hopes to achieve her dream of becoming a teacher in the future and needs an adoptive family with a strong female role model. She has siblings with whom she would like to maintain contact. Asia needs a forever family that would understand her past and love, support and guide her unconditionally.
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