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   ANGELA, 1778

Birth Date: April, 1998
State: Florida

Angela is a charismatic, determined-to-succeed young lady. She loves talking to people and is quick to open up. Very creative, she likes to draw and is interested in making her own clothes and jewelry. When asked what her favorite medium is, Angela replied, “Anything I can get my hands on!” She also enjoys playing basketball, going to the beach and staying active. Angela’s favorite foods are pepperoni pizza and Ramen noodles. In regular 7th grade classes, she particularly enjoys reading and writing. In the future, she dreams of becoming an attorney or a music producer. Angela likes animals and used to have a pet ferret she loved very much. She has a sister with whom she would like to maintain contact. A loving and sociable teen, Angela very much wants to be adopted by a forever family.

Photograph by Zachary Thomas

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