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   SANDRA & JOSHUA, 1419

Sandra & Joshua
State: Georgia

Sandra, born April of 1997, is a talkative youth with a good sense of humor and a compassionate heart. She enjoys riding her bicycle and playing with her collection of dolls. Sandra also enjoys reading, drawing and watching television. In 7th grade special education classes, she performs best in an environment that provides structure and consistency and relates positively to her peers.

Joshua, born November of 1999, uses his keen sense of humor to make others laugh. An avid game player, he loves hand-held and computer video games. Joshua also likes to watch television. In 3rd grade special education classes, he does well in an academic setting with the assistance of a classroom aide. His favorite subjects are science and math.

Sandra and Joshua are active and outgoing siblings. They strongly desire the security of a permant family through adoption. They will do best in a home that offers routine and nurturance. A family able to provide firm guidance with consistency and love is needed for Sandra and Joshua.

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