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Cierra & Shaleithia
State: Georgia

Cierra, born September of 1997, is a compassionate young lady who is well-liked by her peers. Enrolled in regular classes, she enjoys English and actively participates in the chorus. Cierra is a talented singer who also likes to dance. She wants to attend cosmetology school and become a famous singer one day.

Shaleithia, born December of 1998, also has a caring nature and is well-liked by peers. She enjoys playing video games. Shaleithia is also a good student enrolled in regular classes with English being her favorite subject. Like Cierra, she has a talent for singing and aspirations of becoming a professional singer.

Cierra and Shaleithia enjoy being with their siblings and friends. They want to be adopted together into a loving, caring, understanding and supportive family. A family who can accept and love each girl unconditionally while helping to maximize their full potential is desired.

Shaleithia is currently on a HOLD. The agency is still recruiting for Cierra.

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