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   BREYDION, 1927

Birth Date: February, 2007
State: Georgia

Breydion is a medically fragile boy who is very loving and affectionate. He is visually impaired and unable to speak, but he smiles and responds to his name, voices and noises. He is able to communicate his wants and needs. Breydion’s developmental delays are addressed in his special education classes, where he is eager to learn. He also receives occupational, speech and physical therapies. Breydion enjoys playing on the floor and being able to move around by himself. He can turn over, roll, and briefly get up on his knees. He can also briefly hold his head up by himself or with support. Breydion enjoys listening to others sing and clap, listening to music and being spoken to softly in an upbeat style. He’s very attentive and is eager to do more. Breydion often coos and smiles, especially when playing with a musical toy or playing Peek-a-Boo. He needs a family who will continue his therapies and provide him with the loving, permanent care he needs. A family experienced in caring for medically fragile children is ideal.
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