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   WESLEY, 1847

Birth Date: November, 2001
State: Georgia

Wesley is very independent and takes the initiative to complete tasks in his own unique way. Wesley is at his best when he receives personalized attention, which helps him feel important and special. He can be kind and polite with peers and adults. He likes to participate in sports-related activities such as tennis, basketball and softball. Wesley also loves to swim and watch television and movies. He receives full time special education services that provide him with a structured and supportive environment for increasing his academic and social skills. Wesley is making slow but steady progress with the services and one-on-one attention currently available to him. He will continue to require ongoing therapy for behaviors associated with past experiences and to remain in contact with three siblings being placed separately. Wesley will do well with an adoptive family who is patient, determined, highly committed, and able to recognize his strengths as well as his needs.
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