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Nikita & Tiffany
State: Georgia

Nikita, born June of 1997, is a friendly girl who enjoys the activities available in the group home where she lives with her sister, Tiffany. Better known as “Nicky”, likes to work with and ride horses, swim and bowl. Nicky is a music fan and enjoys singing and dancing to her favorite tunes. She also loves to watch television. In full time special education classes, Nicky will need ongoing academic support and therapy to enable her to overcome the effects of early experiences.

Tiffany, born November of 1998, is a polite and easygoing young lady who makes friends easily and enjoys spending time with them. She likes to rollerskate and skateboard. Like her sister, she also enjoys music, bowling and watching television. Tiffany is a solid student in regular classes. She hopes to go to college in the future.

Nikita and Tiffany are devoted, bonded siblings who desire a permanent home together. They enjoy each other’s company, are loyal to each other, and long for a family who will offer them stability and love.

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