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   NOE, 2470

Birth Date: January, 2001
State: Texas

Noe will warm your heart with his smile and has a great personality. He enjoys being talked to and loves to receive attention from others. He is very sweet and likes to interact by getting touched on his face, arms, and legs.

Noe is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has a history of seizure activity. He is visually impaired and uses a wheelchair for mobility. Noe is also non-verbal and is totally dependent upon others for around the clock care and attention.

Noe has his own special way of communicating with others. Noe needs a family who will be able to advocate for him in all aspects of his life. This family will need to be able to care for him on a consistent basis, as he is not able to care for himself. They will also need to be able to give him ongoing care as he gets older. Noe needs a family who will look after him and love him forever.

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