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We believe that every child is adoptable and every child deserves a loving, permanent family. Our waiting children are often older, minorities, sibling groups who wish to be placed together, or children with emotional, mental and/or physical disabilities - children who are typically categorized as "special needs" or "hardest to place".

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Section A: African American (0-10 years)
Section B: Caucasian (0-10 years)
Section C: Hispanic / Latino (0-10 years)
Section D: African American (11+ years)
Section E: Caucasian (11+ years)
Section F: Hispanic / Latino (11+ years)
Section G: Siblings
Section H: Biracial and Other Ethnicities
Section I: Native American (any age)
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MILD: Needs or behaviors that are exhibited by a typical child in their age range.
MODERATE: Behaviors, mental health issues or medical needs that fall outside of the expected range of development for their age range. Moderate special needs negatively impact a child’s ability to function in their environment some of the time to much of the time.
SEVERE: Multiple moderate conditions, or a condition that requires ongoing/constant attention. Severe special needs inhibit a child to function in their environment most of the time to all of the time.